A career as a bail agent is indeed an exciting profession.  As an industry, we are dedicated to training top-notch, professional bail agents.  Because we view ourselves as a player in North Carolina’s justice system, the bail agents we train need to be prepared to interact with other professionals on a day-to-day basis.

To become a bail agent, one must follow a detailed, eight step process that has been created by the North Carolina Bail Agents Association and the North Carolina Department of Insurance.  We believe this process adds to the professionalism of our industry and allows for qualified individuals to become bail agents.

It is the hope of the association that we provide potential bail agents with a clear understanding of the process and work involved in becoming a licensed bail agent. This section of our Web site is devoted to helping you understand the steps to take to begin your career as a North Carolina bail agent.

As you begin this process, please contact us if you have questions or need guidance.  We are available as a resource to you.


Get Licensed Steps 1-8


1. You must meet the Minimum Qualifications


First review and understand the qualifications you must meet before taking the Prelicensing Course. If you decide not to take the class after registering, fifty percent of your class fee will NOT be refunded. The basic qualifications are: a) you must be at least 18 years of age, b) you must be a resident of North Carolina, c) you can NEVER have been convicted of a felony or any

crime involving moral turpitude and d) you (or your spouse) cannot be employed by law enforcement or the courts. Check NCGS 58-71 for other qualifications.


2. Obtain application from the NC Department of Insurance


You may obtain the application for a bail agent license from the Department of Insurance by request at (919) 807-6800. There is only one application for all licenses. Be sure to check the block for the license you are applying for and fill out all the appropriate areas of the application for that license. Do not mail this application until you have completed the Pre-licensing Course. All new applicants, by statute, receive a temporary license for their first year of licensure. During that year the new bondsman must work under the supervision of another bondsman that has been licensed at least 2 years. We recommend that you locate a supervising agent prior to registering for the pre-licensing class. That supervising agent will advise you on the type of license for which you need to apply. For the surety agent application, obtain an appointment from a surety company. For a bail bond runner application, obtain a power of attorney from professional bail agent you will be working for if you are to write bonds. For the professional bail agent application, you must have completed at least 12 months minimum experience under a supervising bail agent and be prepared to post the minimum $15,000.00 required security deposit.


3. Pre-licensing Bail Education Class


Register for the 12 hour Pre-Licensing Bail Education Class.Click here for Prelicensing Class Form . Call us at 919-832-0867 during office hours (9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday) if you need help downloading these forms. Registration for the classmust be received in the NCBAA office by the Wednesday prior to the class to be attended. We will send you a confirmation of your seat in the class once a valid registration is received. The association accepts Visa and Master Card for the $500 class tuition. Alternately, you may pay using the US Postal Service. To register, send a $500 money order with the name, address, phone and fax number (if available) of the student. (Must be received by Wednesday prior to class.) In all cases, canceling the class will forfeit 50% of the class tuition. Payment for class cannot be made at the class location.


4. Send in the application from the NC Department of Insurance


After you have completed the Pre-Licensing Course, send completed license application to the North Carolina Department of Insurance.


Application includes:


*Check or money order for license application fee


*Passport size full face photograph (Walmart, Rite Aid, US Post Office, etc do these)


*One set of fingerprints completed by an authorized law enforement office or the


completed SBI form certified by an authorized law enforcement officer that the


applicant's fingerprints were electronically submitted.


*A COPY of your Certificate of Pre-Licensing Education


*All attachments required by your answers to screening questions


*A copy of your current valid North Carolina driver's license (or valid North Carolina

 identification card issued by the North Carolina Division of MotorVehicles *Documents showing proof of residency in NC for at least six months


5. Date established for the State Exam


Approximately 45 days from the date DOI receives your completed application, the

Department of Insurance will sent you an examination authorization letter. Once you receive your examination authorization letter, you will be able to schedule a test date by phone or fax reservation request through the Department's testing vendor Pearson Vue. You will call Pearson Vue or go to their website to schedule your exam. You cannot call or fax Pearson Vue until you receive the DOI examination authorization letter. You will need to be prepared to pay the exam fee of $56.50 when the exam is scheduled.


6. Take the State Exam


Take your written bail bond test with the testing service, Pearson Vue. The test consists of multiple choice questions. Applicants are given two (2) hours to complete the test and a passing score is 70%. Test questions are based on North Carolina General Statute Chapter 58, Article 71, North Carolina General Statute Chapter 15A, Article 26 and North Carolina Administrative Code 11 NCAC 13.0500. Click here for information about Pearson Vue.


7. PASS- Licensed Mailed


If you pass the test and you are approved for a license, you should receive your license in approximately 7-10 business days by U.S. mail from Pearson Vue. (Professional Bail Agent applicants will be notified of approval for license and at that time to post the

required security deposit.)


8. FAIL- Reapply in one year

If you fail the test, you will be eligible to re-apply for a license one year from the date of the first examination.